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CKS – Dev for Visual Studio 2012

The Tools have been released for VS 2012. Great!

The CKS – Development Tools Edition for Visual Studio 2012 is a collection of Visual Studio templates, Server Explorer extensions and tools providing accelerated SharePoint 2010/2013 development based on Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010/2013 development tools.

The current 1.0 release includes the following features:

  • Server Exploration from CKSDev 2010 v2.4 – Visual Studio 2012 version of the Visual Studio 2010 exploration. Includes all the existing server explorer features.
  • Quick Deploy extensions from CKSDev 2010 v2.4 – Visual Studio 2012 version of the Visual Studio 2010 quick deploy. Includes all the existing quick deploy features.

About the Community Kit for SharePoint

The Community Kit for SharePoint is a set of editions, components, tools and recommended documentation for SharePoint development. You are currently viewing the edition project site for the Development Tools Edition. To learn about the other editions and components you can go to

You can read more and download the tools here:

A CodePlex page also exists:

Active Directory User Editor

SharePoint is importing user information from the Active Directory through the Shared Services Provider (if you have MOSS).

Wouldn’t it be nice if users could “manage themselves”? That would save lots of time for the Admins 🙂

The answer is here:

  • 5 different types of properties fields: Simple TextBox, DropDownList/ListBox (with predefined values), People Picker, Date Picker with calendar.
  • Multi-domain compatible.
  • Nearly Any Active Directory property can be easily added or removed of the edit form, directly trough the webpart configuration (nothing "hard-coded").
  • SharePoint "look & feel"
  • Available in English and French

Additional informations and installation manual are available here (French & English):


This Webpart is again a prove that there are plenty SharePoint solutions for you to use.

btw: this was my post #200 😀

New WSPBuilder version

Carsten Keutmann has released a new version of his great WSPBuilder. Here are the new features:

  • A Reference folder under GAC and 80/Bin is now supported for large dlls that do not need reflection for SafeControls and Permissions.
  • New menu function "Recycle the Windows SharePoint Services Timer" implemented on WSPBuilder Extensions.
  • Refactoring of "Copy to GAC" in order to improve the functionality.
  • Bug fixed! "Unable to get solution id from manifest: Unable to extract manifest.xml …" error for x64 systems.
  • CabLib.dll updated to new version 10.5.
  • Its now possible to include the Cablib.dll into the WSP package.

The download (incl. source code) is available on CodePlex: Download WSPBuilder

free DocAve SQL Restore Controller

An item level restore solution is available at AvePoint. The DocAve SQL Restore Controller care restore items, sites and site collections from a SQL or DPM database, or a backup.

If you click on the download link, you have to provide an email address. A download link will be sent to you.

The files you have to download are 414 MB (Manager) and 40 MB for the Agent. But the download server is fast 🙂

After the installation you can login to the website as admin/admin. Sometimes reading the documentation tells you important things! You have to configure various properties and data stores to be able to search for and select items.

In my case I searched for part of the item title, which was “delete”. SearchForItem

The Restore Controller found an item with the ID 4.



The restore of the item worked as it is should. The product is great to restore items, if you have a backup.