Speed up SharePoint Update Installation

Speed up SharePoint Update Installation

Installing Updates for SharePoint 2013 will take a long time, if you don’t disable some services prior starting the update process by executing the hotfix exe file. To simplify the installation, and speeding it up, you can use a PowerShell script to stop the necessary services, and start the update.


You need to copy the code, and save it as e.g. Install_SharePoint_Update.ps1 in the same folder as the exe file. Start the script from the “SharePoint Management Shell”. It will take care of the services for you.

Btw: You can start the script with PowerShell on a remote path. No need to copy the update file to your SharePoint Servers 🙂

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after running this script, a SharePoint configuration wizard is required in any case, right?
If yes, so may we run this script on all SharePoint servers farm at the same time or we have to do it one by one?
thank you


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