Upload documents/pictures to a discussion lists

Upload documents/pictures to a discussion lists

You might already know my Wiki Webpart, which allows you to upload pictures and documents to a Wiki while editing it.

What is it?

With this Solution you can upload images and documents from the new/edit form into existing picture/document libraries. After the file has been uploaded, a link will be inserted into the Body.

This is either a <img> or a <a> tag, depending on the uploaded file.

How does it work?

After uploading the image/file, it will be put into your Body via JavaScript. There is no reload of the page required.


.NET 3.5 (SP1) on all of your frontend servers


The DiscussionListUpload comes as a SharePoint solution (wsp file), which will be installed on your SharePoint farm via "stsadm -o addsolution -filename RH.DiscussionListUpload.wsp".

The solution contains one feature, which has to be activated on site collection level.

After the feature has been activated, discussion lists will have a new link in the list properties.

If you click on the link, it will bring up a settings page for the feature.

Enabling the feature in the properties will add the Webpart to the NewForm and EditForm of your discussion list. Disabling it, will remove the Webparts.


Instead of this solution you can use my Custom Files and Images Upload Field.

If you want to use it, please make sure you disable this feature on the discussion list and on your sitecollection.


Download Solution

Download Source code

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Nice to see you’ve expanded this solution to discussions. Thanks for the good work!

Tom Winter
http://www.AmosFiveSix.com (not much there yet 😉


You are welcome


Glad I could help 😉



Usability in custom List ?


Hi René,

great work !
Is there a possibility to also use it in a custom List ?



re: Usability in custom List ?


Hi Marco,
I guess it would be possible.
There are some more things to take care of. Like in which field should the link be put?
The attachment function is not what you are looking for? You want the “attachment” to be stored in another list?



re: re: Usability in custom List ?



since i’m using sharepoint i’m looking for a feature to upload and insert a picture in a rich text field in the newform with one step.

the workaround by now is to attach the picture in the newform, submit the form, open the editform, copy the link from the attachment and put it in the “insert image” field … very complicated for end users.

i was happy as hell when you released you wiki webpart.

it would be great to have something like this for custom lists !!!



AW: Upload documents/pictures to a discussion lists



is there any solution to use this in custom lists – not only in discussion lists ?



Michael Funck


Dear René,
ich tried to deploy qur solution.
it is recgnizes as successfully depöloyed to my htP://q-system Web App Unfortunately i cannot activate it to a site collection
whats wrong?


René Hézser


Hi Michael,
please use my Custom Field Type. It is more flexible: http://www.hezser.de/blog/archive/2009/02/25/custom-field-–-upload-files-and-images.aspx



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