TagCloud Webpart

TagCloud Webpart

Categorizing posts with keywords is not new. There are solutions which create a new column for your blog, where you can define categories.

My Webpart will look in your posts for Technorati links. Many posts are tagged with Technorati links, so that you can look for a tag, and find posts on many blogs for this tag.

You can create Technorati links with the Live Writer, if you want to blog with it.

How does it work?

The Webpart will look for links <a href="technorati.com/tag/ and generate a Tag Cloud from the links. If you have other links which you would like to use for Tags, you can configure the link in the Webpart properties.

Selecting a Tag from the Webpart by clicking on it, will show all related posts. This way you can navigate within your blog posts by selecting Tags and not going through the Technorati page, if you use a Tag Cloud generated by them.

The Webpart uses a SPQuery to find all posts with the link in it, groups them and generates the Tag Cloud. A click on a Tag will bring up a list with all related posts.

For performance reasons, the Webpart caches tags for 5 minutes. With the Refresh Button at the bottom of the Tag Cloud you can force a reload of all tags.

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See this link for Tag Web part in SharePoint



René Hézser


Wow. You are my personal hero!
Trying to sell a Webpart this way is really lame…

I’ll NOT remove the link, so everyone can see how you try to get other peoples money.




I don’t know what to say!! but why you consider this as lame??!! i’m just telling people to see not to buy and they have the choice! you are an IT person sure, so you understand the technology to enforce people to buy something online is not discovered yet!! so don’t claim things i did not mention or think about, i’m just offering several solutions man :).




Hi René,

I’ve been reading your blog with great intrest and have to say I learned a lot. Since I got to know SharePoint I’m enthiausiastic about the product and want to learn about it more and more.

I’ve got two questions for you,

I saw your TagCloud webpart on codeplex and would like to use it on my own portal site. I only can’t figure out how to get the technorati tags linked to the SharePoint blog so your TagCloud can index them.

The other question is, I want to learn more about compiling my own webparts in visual studio when I find some source code. Can you recoment me some sites to start learning.

Thanks in advanced,



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