Updated Wiki Webpart

Updated Wiki Webpart

Please use my custom field type. It is more flexible –> http://www.hezser.de


I updated my Wiki Webpart. For all of you who don’t know what it does:

The normal Wiki Edit Form misses the ability to upload pictures. My Webpart, which has to be included to the EditForm.aspx, allows you to upload a picture. It also creates a link in your Wiki post, which displays the uploaded image.

This release of the Webpart is multi lingual. Meaning it will present text to the user in english and german. If you would like this Webpart in your language, drop me a note 🙂

Installation steps:
(If you need help: look here)

  1. copy the dll to the bin folder of your SharePoint virtual server
  2. create an entry in the safecontrol section of your web.config
    <SafeControl Assembly="WikiWebpart, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b17a955c3eada4c1" Namespace="WikiWebpart" TypeName="*" Safe="True" />
  3. change the TrustLevel in the web.config to either "WSS_Medium" or "Full"
  4. add the Webpart to the Webpart gallery of your sitecollection
  5. modify the EditForm.aspx of your Wiki Page with SharePoint Designer, and add the WikiWebpart beneath the standard EditForm Webpart
  6. you are ready to use it 😉

  Download the Webpart

Update 23. Apr 2008:

I have released a new version. Bugfixing only.


does not work


how do I do step 4 without having a webpart, but only a stand-alone dll?



Yes it does ;-)


Hi jingo,
have a look at “Add the Webpart to the Webpartgallery” in my post http://www.hezser.de/blog/Lists/Beitraege/Post.aspx?ID=32



This is really useful!


first of all, many thanks for the good work. i’d be grateful if you could send me a german version (if existing).
you really wonder why they don’t build in things like that in the first place. anyway, there are just a few things that could still be improved:

– if you try to upload a document but not an image, the webpart will still upload the specified document to the picture library. is there a way to integrate filetype filters?
– looking at the issue above, it would still be good, if you could upload any document like a pdf that would then go to the default document library and insert just a link to that location into the wiki page.

these are just things we have experienced. your webpart is still a great improvement.

i have another question that you might be able to answer:
is there a way to easily link to a document lying in some document library from the wiki edit page?
for example with [[doclibdemo.doc]]
we haven’t found a way to do something like this. it really is very time-consuming having to go the the doc library, upload the files there, copy their http link from the browser window and then to go back to the wiki edit page. this is just too complicated for most of our users.

thx again


upload documents


Hi manny,
i guess I could update my Webpart to be able to distinguish between images and documents.
If I have some spare time, I will look into this 🙂


hab leider probleme mit step 4


sobald die dll im server liegt und der eintrag im conf staht
läuft die seite nicht mehr.
“Serverfehler in der Anwendung /. Laufzeitfehler “


Re: hab leider probleme mit step 4


bitte überprüfe den Eintrag in der web.config und ob die korrekte dll hochgeladen wurde.


Will you share the source code?


Was wondering if you would post the source code? I’d like to use your webpart, but hesitate to implement it because I can’t be sure it’s safe.


Will this work for uploading images to Sharepoint Blog site


Just wondering if this will work for any sites that have the ability to include pictures in content


re: Will you share the source code?


I will think about it.
You don’t trust me? 😉
If it would contain code which deletes every other listitem from your entire farm, I am pretty sure somebody would have noticed it by now.



re: Will this work for uploading images to Sharepoint Blog site


No. This Webpart only works with Wiki libraries.


wird nicht angezeigt



die dll liegt im entsprechenden bin-Verzeichnis, der Eintrag in der web.cnfig ist auch gesetzt, trotzdem taucht das Webpart nicht im Webpartkatalog unter Neue Webparts auf…


re: wird nicht angezeigt


warum nimmst du nicht das Feature? http://www.hezser.de/blog/Lists/Beitraege/Post.aspx?ID=103
Dann musst du dich nicht mit web.config Änderungen und dem Trustlevel rumärgern.



Modify EditForm.aspx


Hi. Can I ask you to help me? I don’t know how to modify that EditForm.aspx file. I can’t add that webpart :/


re: Modify EditForm.aspx


Why don’t you use my tool to add the webpart to your wiki library?



Where to modify?


Hi I am trying to

“modify the EditForm.aspx of your Wiki Page with SharePoint Designer, and add the WikiWebpart beneath the standard EditForm Webpart ”

I have opend my site in Sharepoint designer and in the “Master page” > “Forms” > EditForm.aspx added the wiki web part in there but when I go to edit a wiki page i do not see the upload web part?

I am editing in the right location? Thanks for your help!


re: Where to modify?


Please use the new version:




Hallo! Beim Versuch den WebPart zu aktivieren, erhalte ich folgende Meldung: Mindestens ein Feature muss aktiviert werden, bevor dieses Feature aktiviert werden kann.


René Hézser


Hallo Hansi,
schau dir mal meinen Custom Field Type an –> http://www.hezser.de/blog/archive/2009/02/25/custom-field-–-upload-files-and-images.aspx
Macht das selbe, ist aber flexibler.



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