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Office documents open read-only in SharePoint  

Jan 252010

Because there are many questions about this behavior, I want to blog about it.

You might have noticed, that if you simply click on a document, it will be opened in read-only mode. You have to use the dropdown and select “Edit in …” to open it with read-write access.

There is a Knowledgebase article available, which describes the problem and offers a solution:

To change the default behavior, you’ll have to change the registry on each client!

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commented on  Tuesday, June 07, 2011  10:13 AM  by  Jack
If you read the article you will notice that it says:
<<For sites that are NOT on a SharePoint server, in order to resolve this behavior so that open documents that are in the Internet or Local intranet security zones in Internet Explorer with read/write permissions.>>
So this workarount is not for MOSS 2007..
And if not, how do we change this behaviour?
Cheers! Jack

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