Install SharePoint 2010 Language Pack on Windows 7

Microsoft has released Language Packs for SP 2010. Thank you. Now I can try to upgrade existing Installations :-)

But wait. The Languages Packs won’t install on my Windows 7. It says they need a Windows Server 2008 x64. Right. But it’s the same with the Server itself. We have to modify the config file, to support an installation on a non Server OS.

Setting Up the Development Environment for SharePoint Server:

  1. Extract the Language Pack with “SharePointLanguagePack.exe /extract:C:\ExtractedLanguagePack”
  2. Modify the config.xml file in Files\Setup folder
  3. Add “<Setting Id="AllowWindowsClientInstall" Value="True"/>”
  4. Install the Language Pack
    1. SharePoint Foundation
    2. SharePoint Server
    3. Run Configuration Wizard

5 thoughts on “Install SharePoint 2010 Language Pack on Windows 7

  1. says

    Were you able to get this to work on Windows 8?

    I managed to get SharePoint 2010 installed and working. Just need to add language packs to do multilingual sites.

    Tried this and I get “the language of this installation pack is not supported by your system”

    Any suggestions other than getting Hyper VM working on my windows 8pro?


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